Twist Out Vs Braid Out On Natural Hair | Stretch or Volume?

I recently uploaded a video to my Youtube Channel comparing a twist out to a braid out on my natural hair. While the results are both super defined and pretty, your preference may depend on if you like lots of volume or stretched hair. Or if you like a more natural looking curl or just crazy definition and length.

The product I used for these styles is Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It gave me moisture and hold. I can typically keep both of these styles up for a week with the twist out side getting more voluminous and the braid out side getting more stretched. I tend to re-braid or re-twist, but you can also use the pineapple method overnight to maintain these styles.

Which one is your favorite? Twist out or braid out? When it comes to my hair, laziness and ease always wins. Braids are just easier and less time consuming for me to throw into my hair at night. How about you?


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