Mini Bantu Knot on Natural Hair

Mini Bantu Knot on Natural Hair

Sometimes, you do a mini bantu knot out on your natural hair. You twist it. You bantu it (that doesn’t sound right). You let it dry for like a thousand hours. You take it down with a little bit of oil on your fingers. You hate it. It so curly and sjurken. The shape is just off to you. You look like Shirley Temple. Then, you upload it Youtube. Ain’t nobody got time to be wasting videos. Then, people like it. You don’t get a single negative comment. Moral of this story? I can’t trust my own judgement. That’s it. Sometimes, you have to accept the hard truths. Mini Bantu Knot Out On Natural Hair

Check out this critically acclaimed mini bantu knot out video. Let me know if there are any styles that you hate but everyone thinks looks wonderful on you.


Mini Bantu Knot Out On Natural Hair tutorial


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