Why do I have so many single strand knots? 

Why do I have so many single strand knots? 

Why do I get so many single strand knots?

I have asked myself this question hundreds of times. I am sure you have too. Singles strand knots are literally the bane of my natural hair exsistence. They were sent here from the pits of hell to torture us. But I digress.

What are single strand knots?

If yiu have kinky, curly, coily or just highly textured hair, it’s likely you have experienced SSKs at some point in your hair life. Single strand knots are tiny balls of tangled hair that have the audacity to tie itself into a knot on one strand of hair. The nerve! They are so small and nearly impossible to remove. When I feel one (one hundred) in my hair, I cut it out. I know some people have had success removing them with a safety pin. I don’t have the patience for that.

How do I prevent single strand knots?

I don’t think there is any way to completely prevent single strand knots. Well, there is  a couple of ways but one involves a relaxer and the other involves an electric razor. But, there are a couple of other ways to slightly minimize them.

  • Keep your hair stretched
  • Avoid styles that tangle easily like wash and gos
  • Keep your hair super moisturized

Other than that, I find prayer to be comforting. To be honest, single strand knots suck. That’s it. That’s all. I even made an entire video dedicated to their suckage.


Have you found the miracle solution to preventing single strand knots? Please share!


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