DermOrganic Curls Product Line Review

DermOrganic Curls Product Line Review

I love when I receive an entire product line in my Curlkit. It gives me ideas for videos and I get to test out new products. Win Win. I received the DermOrganic’s Curls products in my April Curlkit. Yes! A perfect opportunity to do a demo and first impression review.

DermOrganic’s is a hair care and skin care brand that features vegan, sulfate free, paraben free and ph balanced products. Before receiving these products, I had never heard of this brand. The ingredients seems good. It is made for curly hair. They used words like ultra moisturizing, bounce and shine. All of the things I like in my hair products.

DermaOrganic Curls Review

I received four products from the DermOrganic’s Curl line. I got a cleanser, a conditioner, a cream and a gel. The only thing missing is a deep conditioner. I tested each of the products and styled my hair in a cute corn-row braid and curl. Here are my thoughts on each of the products.

First up, is the  Curl Cleanser. It’s claims is it is a  low lather shampoo, sulfate free and color safe. These are the things I should have read before using the product lol. I saw the words Curl Cleanser and assumed this was a co-wash (a conditioning product used to gently clean hair). So I, of course, dumped out so much product and began to cover my hair with it.  To my amazement, there were so many bubbles. That is because this was a shampoo that I was attempting to use as a conditioner. None the less, my hair was extremely clean.

Next up, is the  Curl Conditioner.  It’s claim is an ultra moisturizing conditioner for curly hair. I covered my hair in this conditioner and let it sit while I showered for about 5 minutes. It did not give my hair enough moisture and slip to detangle after that unexpected shampooing session, but it did add a little moisture back. I did end up deep conditioning with a different product because I did not receive a deep treatment with this line.

On to the DermOrganic’s Curl Cream.  It is to be used to  separate and define for bounce and shine. I have used this product in the past and it is very moisturizing and left my hair really soft.

DemrOrganic Curls Review

Lastly, in this line is the Super Curling Gel.  It’s claim is to give  shape, shine and control for curls. It is alcohol free. I used this product to style my hair in braids for a corn-row braid out. It did leave my hair feeling a little sticky but it had a nice hold with bouncy curls. If you want to watch a demo of these products, check out the video below.

Overall, I think this line is pretty good. My favorite products is the Curl Cream because it gives my hair nice moisture and leaving it feeling soft. If you are interested in DermOrganic’s you can find out more information about their products and where you can purchase on their website. If you have tried this line, please let me know your thoughts and which product worked best for you?




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