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I recently ordered a few items for the first time from I have never tried one of those Chinese fast fashion retailers. So here is my review and first impression of their clothing and return process.

Shipping and Delivery

I ordered 6 items; 4 jumpers and 2 dresses at the end of May.  One of the items I ordered, a jumper, ended up being sold out and was refunded to me. I could have either used the credit to purchase something additional at Shein or re-credit my credit card. The other 5 items arrived within 3 weeks of ordering. The shipping is a little timely, so if you need something in a hurry be aware.


Clothing Quality and Sizing 

Each of the 5 items that I ordered were in the size medium. I think that was the perfect size for my body type. I will go through each item individually.

Shein Review


Black Spaghetti Strap Jumpsuit – find here

This is my least favorite item. It is a black spaghetti strap jumper. The material reminded me of leggings and was a bit see through. Sometimes you don’t know what you are ordering based on the picture until you get it home and put it on lol. If I had to guess, really really thin girls wear this outfit to do yoga or pilates. This definitely ended up in the return pile.

Shein Review

Black Jumpsuit With Gold Zipper – similar here

When I see the picture of this black jumpsuit with gold zipper, it looks better than I remember. This was better quality than the first jumper, it was made of a kind of shiny stretchy material. The thing about this outfit was that it showed every ounce of cellulite or fat cell that a person has. Not flattering but cute enough in pictures. The fit was okay, it was little baggy around the waist but tight around the buttocks. But, that is mostly because of my body type, I think. Return pile.

Shein Review

Blue Jumpsuit- find here

Okay, part of the problem when it comes to rompers and jumpsuits, is my body. Now, my body isn’t a problem nor do I have a problem with my body in general. These one size fits all outfits just don’t work for me. I have a smaller upper half compared to my bottom half. But, they are so cute, the struggle is real. This jumper in particular was the best quality and fit the best. Still little baggy around the waist and tight around the booty but decent. The material reminds me of a business suit and just looked a little old fashion to me. Return pile.

Shein Review

Tribal Print Maxi Dress – find here 

Next up are the dresses I purchased. I love wearing dresses in the summer, they are just easy and still super cute. This one I picked up because I loved the pattern and shape. It fit really well on me. It is a little form fitting around the waist and bust, so if you have boobs you might want to go a size up. It is also very long. I am 5’8 and this dress hits the floor. The material feels a little like satin and has a bit of a stretch to it. I am pretty happy with this purchase and I am keeping it.

Shein Review

Polka Dot Maxi Dress – similar here 

I think this is my favorite item I picked up from Shein. It is the best quality and I love the print. The only complaint I have about this dress is it is pretty shapeless. Well, not shapeless, just a not so flattering shape. It gives me rectangle/moo moo vibes. But, that’s nothing a belt can’t fix. It is ankle length and kind of heavy for the summer but I like it. I will be keeping this one.

Returns and Exchanges 

I am very happy with the return process with Shein. I went onto the Shein site and opened a ticket to return the 3 jumpers. You have to select the reason for returning each item and then a free return label is sent to you via email. I printed the return label, attached it to my box and dropped it off at the post office. About a week later, I received an email for each item I returned and the credit was posted to my Shein account. Again, I had the option of returning the credit to my credit card or using the credit to purchase more items from Shein. So. Easy.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with my purchase experience with Shein. I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future, especially since the return process was so painless. Let, me know i you have ever ordered from Shein and what your experience was.





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