How To Detangle Dry Matted Natural Hair

Do not let your hair get this dry and matted! It is just a beast to detangle and definitely cause damage and breakage. It’s just not a good idea. But, if you do find yourself in this predicament, through no fault of your own of course. Here is a step by step guide to how I detangle my dry matted natural hair.

Again, this is me warning you. DO. NOT. Let your hair get this matted and tangled. A minute of laziness can turn into hours detangling. Heed my words!



My Sleek Low Bun Tutorial On Natural Hair

I’m going to be honest with you. I  never brush my hair into a sleek bun. Okay, I rarely brush my hair into a sleek bun. This style is definitely reserved  for special occasions and holidays. It’s a bit of work. Especially, when you’re me and you typically just grab a hair tie and go. I will admit, the end result is this super cute, sleek low bun. You can check out my video below, where I demonstrate I achieved this style.

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DermOrganic Curls Product Line Review

I love when I receive an entire product line in my Curlkit. It gives me ideas for videos and I get to test out new products. Win Win. I received the DermOrganic’s Curls products in my April Curlkit. Yes! A perfect opportunity to do a demo and first impression review.

DermOrganic’s is a hair care and skin care brand that features vegan, sulfate free, paraben free and ph balanced products. Before receiving these products, I had never heard of this brand. The ingredients seems good. It is made for curly hair. They used words like ultra moisturizing, bounce and shine. All of the things I like in my hair products.

DermaOrganic Curls Review

I received four products from the DermOrganic’s Curl line. I got a cleanser, a conditioner, a cream and a gel. The only thing missing is a deep conditioner. I tested each of the products and styled my hair in a cute corn-row braid and curl. Here are my thoughts on each of the products.

First up, is the  Curl Cleanser. It’s claims is it is a  low lather shampoo, sulfate free and color safe. These are the things I should have read before using the product lol. I saw the words Curl Cleanser and assumed this was a co-wash (a conditioning product used to gently clean hair). So I, of course, dumped out so much product and began to cover my hair with it.  To my amazement, there were so many bubbles. That is because this was a shampoo that I was attempting to use as a conditioner. None the less, my hair was extremely clean.

Next up, is the  Curl Conditioner.  It’s claim is an ultra moisturizing conditioner for curly hair. I covered my hair in this conditioner and let it sit while I showered for about 5 minutes. It did not give my hair enough moisture and slip to detangle after that unexpected shampooing session, but it did add a little moisture back. I did end up deep conditioning with a different product because I did not receive a deep treatment with this line.

On to the DermOrganic’s Curl Cream.  It is to be used to  separate and define for bounce and shine. I have used this product in the past and it is very moisturizing and left my hair really soft.

DemrOrganic Curls Review

Lastly, in this line is the Super Curling Gel.  It’s claim is to give  shape, shine and control for curls. It is alcohol free. I used this product to style my hair in braids for a corn-row braid out. It did leave my hair feeling a little sticky but it had a nice hold with bouncy curls. If you want to watch a demo of these products, check out the video below.

Overall, I think this line is pretty good. My favorite products is the Curl Cream because it gives my hair nice moisture and leaving it feeling soft. If you are interested in DermOrganic’s you can find out more information about their products and where you can purchase on their website. If you have tried this line, please let me know your thoughts and which product worked best for you?




My Visit To The Chicago Botanical Garden

Last week, my friend Lisa and I, visited the Chicago Botanical Garden. It is a magical and beautiful place that I have never visited so close to my home. I don’t know anything about plants, flowers, vegetation, foliage, trees, I could literally go on forever, but my eyes like pretty things.  So, I thought I would share my experience and some pics I took with my iPhone.

Chicago Botanical Garden

What is a Botanical Garden?

A botanical garden is a collection of usually a large variety of plants for display, education and scientific research. This particular garden is located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, in the village of Glencoe, IL. The Chicago Botanical Garden opened to the public in 1972, contains over 2 million plants and 385 acres. It’s massive.

Chicago Botanical Garden

From the southwest suburbs it took us about an hour to get to the garden. Chicago traffic is something to behold. For non-Cook county residents the fee is $25.00 to park but admission is free. We went on a Friday morning to avoid the pending afternoon thunderstorms and it wasn’t super crowded. Who doesn’t want to spend a spring morning at a botanical garden?

My Experience

I forgot to bring my DSLR camera, so I challenged myself to take some great photos with my iPhone 7 plus. It was not very difficult to get some decent shots because we were in a magical garden surrounded by beautiful flowers and nature. Plus, my phone’s camera is actually pretty good especially using the Portrait setting which gives great depth effect (blurry background).










We walked for as long as human beings have been on planet Earth. No really, my feet hurt. But, we had a great time exploring thegardens, learning about plants and laughing a lot, cause thats what we do. There are 27 gardens in this place to explore, from the food garden to the greenhouses to the waterfall garden. There is a special display going on in one of the greenhouses featuring two plants called Corpse Flowers. These huge plants stood several feet tall and were going to get even taller. They looked super cool but once they bloom they give off the scent of decaying flesh. Hence the name, Corpse Flower. Neat, huh?

Chicago Botanical Garden

If you are in the area, I definitely suggest checking out the Chicago Botanical Garden. There were a ton of kids there, so I think it would be fun for the whole family. For more information about the Chicago Botanical Garden you can visit there website here. Let me know if you have ever visited a botanical garden and what was your favorite plant. Mine were the purple ones…:)

Chicago Botanical Garden


Why do I have so many single strand knots? 

Why do I get so many single strand knots?

I have asked myself this question hundreds of times. I am sure you have too. Singles strand knots are literally the bane of my natural hair exsistence. They were sent here from the pits of hell to torture us. But I digress.

What are single strand knots?

If yiu have kinky, curly, coily or just highly textured hair, it’s likely you have experienced SSKs at some point in your hair life. Single strand knots are tiny balls of tangled hair that have the audacity to tie itself into a knot on one strand of hair. The nerve! They are so small and nearly impossible to remove. When I feel one (one hundred) in my hair, I cut it out. I know some people have had success removing them with a safety pin. I don’t have the patience for that.

How do I prevent single strand knots?

I don’t think there is any way to completely prevent single strand knots. Well, there is  a couple of ways but one involves a relaxer and the other involves an electric razor. But, there are a couple of other ways to slightly minimize them.

  • Keep your hair stretched
  • Avoid styles that tangle easily like wash and gos
  • Keep your hair super moisturized

Other than that, I find prayer to be comforting. To be honest, single strand knots suck. That’s it. That’s all. I even made an entire video dedicated to their suckage.


Have you found the miracle solution to preventing single strand knots? Please share!