Twist Out Vs Braid Out On Natural Hair | Stretch or Volume?

I recently uploaded a video to my Youtube Channel comparing a twist out to a braid out on my natural hair. While the results are both super defined and pretty, your preference may depend on if you like lots of volume or stretched hair. Or if you like a more natural looking curl or just crazy definition and length.

The product I used for these styles is Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It gave me moisture and hold. I can typically keep both of these styles up for a week with the twist out side getting more voluminous and the braid out side getting more stretched. I tend to re-braid or re-twist, but you can also use the pineapple method overnight to maintain these styles.

Which one is your favorite? Twist out or braid out? When it comes to my hair, laziness and ease always wins. Braids are just easier and less time consuming for me to throw into my hair at night. How about you?


Here’s the thing, I do what I want. There are no natural hair rules in my book. I do what my hair likes, that’s it. And you should too.

While this video is meant to be funny and entertaining the message is real. Do whatever you want to do with your hair, whenever and however you want to do it. Other people’s ‘rules’ and opinions do not matter. Ultimately, it is your hair, your life and your business. Make yourself and your hair happy!

Which natural hair ‘rules’ do you break? Thank you for watching!



Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder For Darker Skin


Are you interested in reading a ‘review’ for this Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder for darker skin written by someone who doesn’t wear makeup often? You are? Cool. Well than keep reading. Go ahead, the words are waiting for you.

Influenster keeps entertaining me by sending me makeup products. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup. I think it is beautiful. I just don’t have the patience or talent or skill to perform this artistry in any way that would impress anyone. But, this powder is easy and anyone, even me, can do it. Plus, it’s made for brown girls, which I can absolutely appreciate.

Laura Mercier’s translucent powder is uber popular and is all over the makeup streets and being used by all the  complexions. But, now with this new powder, she has created something more suitable for those of us with dark and lovely skin. Appreciate, Laura!

This powder can be used to set your concealer and/or foundation and even alone for shear coverage. My thoughts? Applying this powder alone for a nice shear coverage is absolutely perfect and good enough for me. It went on super smooth and gave me the little coverage that i need. It also matches my complexion pretty well.

Ok, that’s it for my non-makeup guru review. Let me know if you have used this product and what you thought about it.

Thank you to Influenster for sending me this complimentary product. Of course, my opinions are completely honest. 🙂






Do you trim your own hair or do you go to a professional? I have been cutting my natural hair for like 8 years. To be honest, I can’t believe I do this myself. It really is astounding. I was never that girl. I was the girl who never wanted a trim, even if it was done by a stylist. Now, I cut my hair whenever I feel like it and without hesitation. Now, do I know what I am doing? I don’t know, It’s worked out pretty well so far.

Anyway, I needed a trim and I decided to film this video for my channel. Cutting your hair on camera is uber awkward and think I deserve a pat on the back. Go ahead and get to patting! Appreciate. I am going to get a big girl hair cut sometime this year but this should hold me off for a while. My ends were a wreck.

Alright, check out the video below. Let me know who trims your hair. Thank you for watching!


One of my favorite cities and travel destinations in the world is San Francisco, California. I would move there today, if everything didn’t cost a million dollars. No. Like. Literally. We totally looked up the real estate prices and oh oh oh my. Any who, we (Eric and my two friends Natalie and Nicole) spent a marvelously rainy and chilly 4 days in ole San Fran. So enjoy my travel diary San Fransisco and some iPhone pics.


Day 1: Golden Gate Bridge & Fisherman’s Wharf


We flew in early Saturday morning. This means I had to wake up at 4:30 am. That is an ungodly hour. Jesus does not bless that time of day. He just doesn’t. We didn’t want to waste our only non-rainy day, so we walked the Golden Gate bridge. Because thats what you do when you are a tourist in San Fransisco. Yes, the runners hate you. Sure, the bikers despise you. Okay, it’s super windy and a tiny bit scary. But you have to. It’s important. Alright, we didn’t even make it half way across. Remind me to stretch thoroughly before attempting long walks.

We also explored Fisherman’s Wharf. Delicious sea food (I’ve heard). Lots of cute little shops. Tons of entertaining dudes on the street. We saw a one man band playing Johnny Cash, a magic show and a elderly gentleman playing some sort of two-stringed instrument. And of course, the famous sea lions.

Day 2: Muir Woods & China Town

Get your rain boots. Put on your ponchos. Grab that umbrella. Today is going to be a wet adventure in the redwoods. We tracked our way through these hug, old trees and then had some good food in China town.

Day 3: Rained out & Bay Bridge

Sometimes, you happen to be in San Fransisco and it’s like the rainstorm of the year. On that day you spend a lot of time in your hotel room watching movies, eating fast food and playing The Simpsons on your iPad. When you get tired of that, you take a car ride back and forth over the Bay Bridge just for fun.

Day 4: Napa Valley & Wine

No one in the right mind travels to San Fransisco and skips Napa Valley. It is beautiful and there’s wine. Win Win.

Thank you guys so much for checking out my travel diary through the great city of San Fransisco. Let me know you favorite weekend getaway spot.