Well, hello there. Welcome to honestlyerica.com.



Boy, have I struggled to write this section of this here blog. I have probably read 25-50 other blog ‘About Me’ pages. Every one perfect and inspirational and just not what I am trying to do here.

What am I trying to do here you ask? Excellent question! Gold star for you. I don’t actuallyknow…

Erica, that is unacceptable you say. Who gon check me, boo? If you are reading this you are honestly the sh*t in my book. Why do we need to define our relationship? We already love each other.  

But, I can tell you a few things.

  • I am calling this a lifestyle blog. Because, why not? Everybody is doing it.
  • You will be thoroughly entertained or at least chuckle to yourself while reading. My job here is to entertain no matter the topic of discussion. 
  • I am here to motivate and to be motivated. If someone like me can be semi successfully pull off this blogging thing anyone can. Even if blogging isn’t your thing. I am hoping to push you to do that thing and you can push me to keep doing my thing. Let’s be thing pushers.

Eric & Erica Oh and if you are not here from my Youtube channel. Hello, my name is Erica. I enjoy long walks in a climate controlled environment. I speak fluently in movie , tv and rap quotes. I am a wife, mother and bachelors of Economics degree holder, which is utterly useless to me, The degree not my family. Beyonce Stan. Nothing more to say there.

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